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Surety Bonds

A surety bond is purchased through and posted to the jail by a bail bondsman. The purchaser, known as the Indemnitor, pays a set fee to a bail bondsman who in turn presents the court with the bond. As long as the defendant appears at all set court dates, no further monies are to be paid to the bail bondsman.

Florida Statute 903.045: Nature of criminal surety bail bonds.
It is the public policy of this state and the intent of the Legislature that a criminal surety bail bond, executed by a bail bond agent licensed pursuant to chapter 648 in connection with the pretrial or appellate release of a criminal defendant, shall be construed as a commitment by and an obligation upon the bail bond agent to ensure that the defendant appears at all subsequent criminal proceedings and otherwise fulfills all conditions of the bond. The failure of a defendant to appear at any subsequent criminal proceeding or the breach by the defendant of any other condition of the bond constitutes a breach by the bail bond agent of this commitment and obligation.
History.-s. 40, ch. 82-175; s. 1475, ch. 97-102.