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Online Bonding (E-Bond)

We are pleased to offer online bonding or E-Bond. We understand that it can be inconvenient to come to the office to fill out paperwork to have your friend or family member be released from jail. This is a very simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. The steps are outlined below. You do need to have an email address that is registered in your name to electronically sign the document.

We will need a copy of your government issued identification and it must be in color. There are multiple ways to accomplish this. You can scan a color copy to your computer and upload it during the application process, or you can take a picture using a smartphone and email it to support@ibonduout.com.

1. Click
Apply for E-bond.
2. Fill out the information as completely as possible. It is very important that all information is completed. This is an application similar to a loan. We will not be able to proceed without all of the information being provided. This application form is secure.
4. Once we receive the application, we will prepare the bond paperwork and email it to you for completion. The bond paperwork is specific to the bond amounts, charges and defendant so we need the application to complete this paperwork.
5. Electronically sign the paperwork that is emailed to you.
6. Make payment by credit card, debit card, your PayPal account, or apply for PayPal credit.